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RPLE for rural generalist training

        1. RPLE for rural generalist training

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

RPLE for Rural Generalist Fellowship

If you’re working towards the Rural Generalist Fellowship, you may apply for RPLE to meet the specific outcomes of the Fellowship in addition to making a standard RPLE application. You can apply for additional RPLE for:

  • additional rural skills training (ARST),
  • rural general practice experience in an MMM3-7 location,
  • core emergency medicine training,
  • community project.

For information about the rules and process applicable to RPLE for rural generalist training, you can contact your training coordinator. There is also useful information on the Rural Generalist Fellowship’s RPLE page.


If you join rural generalist training after you commence the AGPT program, we encourage you to submit your additional RPLE application as soon as possible so that we can assess your application and help you plan your outstanding training requirements.