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About the policy

To the extent of any inconsistency, these conditions apply.

By registering to attend a course, or agreeing to an invitation to attend, you as a prospective delegate, acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this agreement.

1. Interpretation

  1. Conference, Course, Fee and Venue have the meaning evident from the registration form.
  2. The RACGP, us or we means The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (ABN 34 000 223 807).
  3. Registration form means the registration form for attendance at the relevant course.
  4. Terms means the conditions of this agreement.
  5. You or your means the delegate registered for attendance, as evident from the registration form.
  6. A reference to a party includes its officers, employees, agents and contractors.

2. Registration and payment

  1. Acceptance of registration forms is at our discretion, for which we will provide confirmation. We reserve the right to decline any registration application, however if we do we will refund or not process any monies then paid.
  2. We will not consider any registration form not accompanied by the fee (all fees being expressed as GST inclusive amounts) or where it is incomplete. The fee for a course is correct at time of publication. The RACGP reserves the right to change the fee at any time but changes will not affect registrations already confirmed.
  3. Although the RACGP will make reasonable efforts to ensure all registrants are able to attend courses, some courses have limited places available and are dealt with on a “first-in” basis.
  4. If the RACGP has invited you to attend a course without the need for registration and/or payment of the fee, you must confirm your attendance within the time specified in the invitation (if any) in order to reserve your position.

3. Course changes

  1. The RACGP reserves the right at any time to:
    1. Change the format, participants, content, location and timing or any other aspect of a course
    2. Postpone courses or any part of those courses
    3. Cancel a course or any part, and will not be liable to you for any damages, costs, losses or expenses of any kind incurred or suffered by you in connection with the RACGP modifying, postponing or cancelling a course or any part.
  2. If a course is cancelled or postponed by the RACGP and you are unable to attend the rescheduled course, we will refund the fee.
  3. A course’s content and program is confirmed at the time of printing. The RACGP may make changes to a course as required, however will use efforts to maintain equivalent standards.
  4. Course content is obtained from sources believed to be reputable and reliable. The RACGP accepts no liability for any inaccuracy or misrepresentation. This information is not professional advice or a substitute for seeking professional advice, or as a full consideration of particular circumstances faced by the user. Acting in accordance with information provided by the course does not guarantee discharge of any duty.

4. Delegate’s rights and obligations

  1. By registering, you warrant your details as provided are true and correct.
  2. You must comply with any particular conditions, rules, regulations or usage requirements of the venue or of the RACGP in connection with a course. Any delegate guides are available from us on request. We will use reasonable efforts to update you of subsequent amendments.
  3. You must also comply with all verbal and written directions given by us or the venue whilst at, entering or departing the venue (including without limitation in respect of an acceptable noise level emanating from the exhibition space).
  4. The RACGP reserves the right, without any liability, to refuse admission to, or to eject you from a course, in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation), for failure to comply with these terms or if in the opinion of the RACGP you represent a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of a course.
  5. Photography and the recording or transmitting of audio or visual material, data or information is prohibited at a cCourse without prior RACGP written consent.

5. Cancellation and transfers

  1. Where permitted, you may transfer your course registration to another course by written notice to the RACGP. Course transfers are subject to availability and the payment of the applicable registration fee for the new course.
  2. You may substitute another to attend a course in your place by written notice of such to the RACGP. The RACGP reserves the right to refuse entry to any substitute delegate for whom the RACGP was not provided such notice, or where relevant eligibility criteria (if any) are not satisfied. RACGP confirmation of substitutions is also subject to the payment of any applicable additional fees for the course (for example, if the substitute is a non-member additional fees may be payable).
  3. Where permitted, you may cancel all or part of your registration by written notice to the RACGP. The RACGP will use reasonable efforts to fill any places reserved by your registration. If successful, you are entitled to be repaid from the fee those amounts not already legally committed by the RACGP, less an amount to cover reasonable administration costs. Otherwise, the RACGP will retain your fees.
  4. Refunds will not be granted if you fail to attend, or attempt or purport to cancel or transfer your course registration within five (5) business days of the course (or 20 business days for the Clinical Emergency Management Program (CEMP), or where a substitute is refused entry under clause 5(b), or in the event the place reserved by your registration is not filled. No amounts are refundable other than by operation of this clause 5.
  5. No entitlement to repayment arises for cancellations with less than 5 business days of notice.
  6. Cancellation pursuant to this clause 5 does not terminate our agreement with you, which continues until resolution of all outstanding payments to the RACGP's satisfaction.

6. Risk management

  1. It is your responsibility to inform the RACGP of any special dietary or other requirements you may have, sufficiently in advance to enable the RACGP to attempt to accommodate these requirements (or where this is not possible, inform you of such).
  2. You use the venue and all associated facilities at your own risk. Despite anything else in these conditions, the RACGP accepts no liability to you or any third party for any loss of or damage to any of your equipment, materials or other belongings brought to the venue, whether by fire, theft, accident, injury or otherwise.
  3. The course may contain inherently dangerous activities, including the use of specialised equipment. Reasonable assistance will be provided, however delegates are responsible for their own wellbeing and the RACGP accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred in connection with a course.
  4. Any liability incurred by us in connection with the course will be limited to the refund of the fee paid to the RACGP. All guarantees, representations, conditions and warranties of any nature are expressly excluded. However, nothing in these conditions limits, excludes or modifies or purports to do so, the guarantees as provided under the Competition and Consumer Act (Cth) and the Australian Consumer Law. If these Acts impose any inalienable consumer rights then to the extent of any inconsistency with these conditions, these conditions are to be read down to permit those rights.
  5. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude all indirect or consequential liability and all liability for any loss (including indirect or consequential loss), expense, damage, personal injury or death incurred (whether or not arising from negligence) by you in connection with the course.
  6. You release us from any action, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses, incurred in connection with our acts, omissions or negligence in connection with this agreement or any course. You further indemnify the RACGP its employees, agents, contactors and sub-contractors against and agree to make good, any action, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses (including legal costs, professional costs and other expenses on a full indemnity basis), incurred in connection with this agreement. Any such amount is a debt due and payable within 20 business days of request.

7. General

  1. The RACGP reserves the right to amend these terms from time to time. Unless notified to you, the terms governing your attendance at a course will be those in force at the time of your registration for a course or attend a course if you do not need to register (as applicable).
  2. The failure, delay, relaxation or indulgence on the part of the RACGP in exercising, in part or whole, any power, right or remedy conferred upon that party by these terms do not operate as a waiver of that power, right or remedy.
  3. If any provision of these terms is invalid or not enforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the relevant term is to be read down and shall otherwise be capable of being severed to the extent of the invalidity or unenforceability without affecting the remaining provisions of these terms.
  4. These terms are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws in force in the state in which the course is held. Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of those courts and waives any objection that it may have that proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum.

8. Privacy statement

  1. Protecting your privacy and your personal information is an important aspect of the way the RACGP implements its activities, online and offline.
  2. You acknowledge you may be filmed, recorded and/or photographed by the RACGP, the media or any other party at a course and consent to the RACGP using the film, sound and/or photograph for RACGP editorial, promotion, publicity and advertising purposes, or for the promulgation of correct medical procedures.
  3. By submitting a registration form, you consent to the RACGP collecting, using and disclosing your personal information (including credit card information) to administer this event. This may include the production of delegate lists and photographs for marketing and related uses and updating your continual professional development record, unless notified otherwise. We will disclose personal information relating to credit card details for payment processing only.
  4. Please contact us to update or correct your details.
  5. In all other aspects, the RACGP will collect, use and disclose personal information provided to it in accordance with its Privacy Statement or provided on request.

9. RFID technology

  1. At certain events the RACGP may use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. RFID technology consists of a transponder (which transmits) and a reader (which collects). RFID technology then assembles this data to provide information on user travel within a course or conference. RFID technology is commonly used across a variety of industries. The RACGP considers RFID technology will be useful to assist with determining foot traffic or events of interest during courses and conferences.
  2. Where used, RFID technology information will be stored against your course or conference profile. It may be imported into your member profile in the RACGP’s database.
  3. The RACGP will use reasonable efforts to notify you of its use of RFID technology.
  4. Ordinarily, RFID technology transponders will be embedded into course or conference registration tickets, and RFID technology readers will be identifiable as such. However, these are dependent on supplier availability and general practicality.
  5. You may opt-out of your involvement in the RFID technology by alerting staff at registration or through
  6. The information gained through RFID technology becomes that members’ personal information and is treated as such. The RACGP’s privacy statement should be considered in these circumstances.