AGPT registrar training handbook

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Regional team

        1. Regional team

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Regional team  

Regional director of training

A regional director of training (RDOT) provides high-level medical education leadership, including managing the regional and local medical educator teams, to ensure that the training program is delivered effectively in their region.

Registrar liaison officer 

Registrar liaison officers (RLOs) provide confidential advice, information and support to registrars in their region. RLOs understand the issues facing registrars because they’re GP registrars themselves. They meet regularly with the training team and advocate for registrars. 

Your RLO is available to listen to you and may: 

  • provide advice 

  • suggest where to find further support 

  • help you submit enquiries or complaints

  • facilitate social or group events as a way of helping registrars debrief and support each other. 

Cultural educator  

A cultural educator is a member of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. In some instances, a cultural educator will also work as a cultural mentor. 

Cultural educators are responsible for the delivery of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health unit of the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus, in particular, cultural orientation, cultural awareness training, and supporting registrars to provide culturally appropriate, responsive and sensitive healthcare to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They work closely with MEs to support quality and holistic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and clinical practice training.  They also work with cultural mentors to support registrars to develop cultural competency by providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and health education, including cultural safety training.  

If you’re placed in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training site, the cultural educator will also be available to offer any additional support and education that you may require throughout your placement.  

Cultural educators may provide additional and individualised cultural support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars who are navigating living and working on country that’s either their own or that of another Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander group.