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Australian medicines handbook

Australian medicines handbook

AMH’s objective is to improve the quality use of medicines in Australia.

We aim to do this by providing an evidence-based resource that is concise and easy to use for busy health professionals, but contains the key information required for better drug treatment and prescribing choices.

(19th edition/2018/9780994326263)
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Clinical skills scenarios DVD – cases for GP educators and learners

The RACGP National Rural Faculty (NRF) offers a preparatory DVD for general practice registrars and other doctors in rural locations working toward their Fellowship of the RACGP.

The DVD contains 14 cases covering a range of clinical scenarios common across a well identified range of rural contexts. Each scenario deals with a different type of presentation, from a farmer with a cough to a full blown arm laceration, as well as associated office based procedures. The DVD runs for approximately 3 hours.

There is a PDF folder on the DVD which can be accessed via your PC’s DVD drive, and contains additional notes about each case.

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Please contact the National Rural Faculty on 1800 636 764 to place your order.

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The traveller's pocket medical guide

The travelers pocket medical guide
Packed with practical advice for overseas travellers, the guide is a useful reference for both health and travel professionals.

An international vaccination record is one of many features that make it an ideal companion for travellers with an interest in protecting their health.

(8th edition/2009/0958519900)

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