AGPT registrar training handbook


Categories of leave

      1. Categories of leave

Category 1 – Leave from the program

Category 1 leave includes leave entitled by law, such as sick leave and carer’s leave (over the limits listed above), parental leave and other types of leave, for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander additional cultural leave, and leave imposed because of training program administrative constraints.

When applying for Category 1 leave, you’ll need to provide valid certificates, where appropriate. Applications will then be considered by the regional team, including the regional lead ME. If you need to apply for more than 12 months leave, a return-to-work process will be put in place to help you settle back into the training program and your placement.

As you’re entitled to this leave by law, it won’t affect your training time cap. You can also start your training program on Category 1 leave.

Category 2 – Additional leave from the program

Category 2 leave is available for situations such as when you need to take additional leave for personal reasons, or for reasons not included under category 1 leave.

You can apply for a maximum of 26 weeks of leave in addition to what is available under Category 1 leave, or up to 52 weeks if there are extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. You can’t start your training program on Category 2 leave.

Category 2 leave applications must be lodged four months prior to the beginning of the semester. Applications are considered by the regional team, including the regional lead ME.

It’s important to note that Category 2 leave is included in your training time cap. The regional team will consider if you have enough time remaining in your time cap before approving the leave.

Category 3 – ADF service leave 

Category 3 leave is only available to ADF registrars and applies to mandatory ADF postings. It doesn’t count towards program time and therefore doesn’t affect your training cap. It’s also possible to start your training program on Category 3 leave.

You’ll need to include your posting order with your application for leave, which will be reviewed by the national ADF team.