Preventing and managing patient aggression and violence

Everyone deserves to be safe and be treated with respect

Preventing and managing patient violence and aggression

This brief guide has been designed to support you and your practice team in identifying and managing incidents of patient aggression and violence.

It outlines obligations in responding to and preventing these events to keep the practice team and patients safe.

The guide address common questions from practices including:

  • How can our practice team respond to an act, or threat, of aggression or violence?
  • Can our practice discontinue care when safety concerns exist?
  • Can our practice disclose an act, or threat, of violence by a patient?
  • How can we create a safe practice environment and team?

The guide includes templates for you to use/amend when issuing warning letters, placing patients on acceptable behaviour agreements, or discontinuing care for patients at your practice.

Posters have been developed that you can display in your practice to inform everyone that aggression and violence will not be tolerated.