AGPT registrar training handbook

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AHPRA medical registration

      1. AHPRA medical registration

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

AHPRA medical registration

You must hold general medical registration from the start of training and throughout the training program.

Changes to your medical registration

If your medical registration changes at any time during your training, you must advise us immediately by sending an email to and to your training coordinator. If you don’t notify us you may be reported for academic misconduct (refer to the Academic Misconduct Policy). A change to your medical registration might include a restriction, condition, limitation, reprimand, supervision requirement, tribunal outcome, suspension, undertaking and/or other remark or change.

Changes to your medical registration may affect your ability to progress through training or your ability to progress towards Fellowship, therefore it’s important you notify us as soon as a concern is raised with AHPRA to allow us to provide you with the appropriate support and options.

Refer to the AHPRA website for more information about possible outcomes when a concern is raised about you.