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Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP)

Last updated 29 April 2024

Register for RACGP PFP online education

The Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP) offers a course of online educational modules to support doctors in pre-fellowship stages of their journey and is available as of 2 April 2024. Current modules include:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Australian general practice
  • Module 2: Emergencies in general practice
  • Module 3: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultural awareness.

The course will cost the PFP participant $270 + GST (for both members and non-members).

If you are a PFP participant who is not a member of the College, you can choose from two options to access the RACGP course:
Option 1: You can register to become a RACGP member*, meaning that you will gain access to all gplearning activities, free of charge.
*This offer is only available to new members who join at the time of PFP registration.
Option 2: You can register for the PFP course as a non-member.

To register for the RACGP PFP  course, please download this form. On the registration form, select whether you would like to join as a member, or non-member, or if you are already a member, and then email the completed form and your PFP letter of offer from your Rural Workforce Agency to gplearning@racgp.org.au.

Once you have made payment for the course, you will be emailed your invoice and instructions on how to access the course.

If you have any queries about the sign-up options for the RACGP’s PFP course please email gplearning@racgp.org.au. If you are not yet a PFP participant and would like information on the program, please direct your queries to the Rural Workforce Agency in your state for more information.

More doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP)

The RACGP More doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP) course which ran in conjunction with the Rural Workforce Agency and DoHAC is now closed to new registrations as it has been replaced by the Pre-Fellowship Program (PFP). Current participants in MDRAP will continue to have access for 2 years after initial enrolment with final closures by end of April 2025.

If you have any queries about the phase-out of RACGPs MDRAP course please email gplearning@racgp.org.au.



PFP registration form (PDF 179 KB)