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RACGP Steriliser Record System - logbook and templates

The RACGP Steriliser Record System

Use The RACGP Steriliser Record System in conjunction with the RACGP Infection control standards (4th edn).

It has two components:

  • the sterilser book
  • validation records

The steriliser logbook records cycle results and maintenance and identifies staff processing reusable equipment. It also includes a section on instrument tracking and patient tracing.

The validation records book provides templates on a validation certificate, tables to describe a practice's challenge load contents, penetration and drying times for challenge packs and load, heat distribution and chamber loading details, and physical and biological testing results. They are suitable for both simple and complex validations.

There is also a staff competency record for recording tasks for which staff have been trained and assessed as competent.

Examples of how to use the logbook and validation records are included.

Steriliser logbook:

  • Member $30
  • Non member $38

Validation records:

  • Member $20
  • Non member $25

Package (one copy of each):

  • Member $43
  • Non member $54

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