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Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview

Applications for a PESCI are open.

Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview

Applications for a PESCI are open.

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Last updated 31 March 2024

**Dates are offered from 4 weeks

Please contact the Education Support Officers on +61 3 8699 0554 or or  pesci@racgp.org.au

Sit your PESCI with the RACGP

The pre-employment structured clinical interview (PESCI) has been specifically crafted to evaluate your ability to practise safely and effectively in Australia.

The PESCI assesses your skills and expertise, in relation to the specific position you’re pursuing registration for.

About the PESCI

International medical graduates (IMGs) seeking limited or provisional registration to work in general practice in Australia may be required to undertake a PESCI.

A PESCI consists of an online structured clinical interview by a panel of assessors, using scenarios based on the types of patient representations you can expect to encounter in Australian general practice.

Sit your PESCI with the RACGP

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As an accredited provider with extensive experience in conducting PESCIs, choose to sit your PESCI with the RACGP for a seamless journey from enrolment to completion. 

We’ve established a national, consistent program with clear guidelines – this approach ensures fairness  for candidates undertaking the PESCI.

Our team of highly experienced assessors will provide you with the optimal opportunity to showcase your skills and suitability to practise in Australia. Conducted via Zoom, you can undergo an RACGP PESCI from anywhere you can reliably connect on Zoom.

For more information, contact our dedicated PESCI team at pesci@racgp.org.au or call +61 3 8699 0554.

Apply for a PESCI

Find out what’s needed for a PESCI application

Your guide to PESCI costs

PESCI Resources and Policies
A compilation of useful resources to help you prepare for PESCI

Frequently asked questions

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) determines whether IMGs who are applying for limited or provisional registration to work in general practice are required to have a PESCI.

For more information, please refer to MBA’s PESCI webpage.

All RACGP PESCIs are currently being conducted online using Zoom videoconferencing.

Your confirmed interview will be held online approximately 4 weeks after you submit your complete application. An application is only deemed complete when there is no further feedback requesting information or documentation.

Unmet requests for further information may delay assessment time beyond this period.

Once your completed application has been processed, we'll send you an email with a list of available interview dates. Once you accept an interview date and time, we'll send you a confirmation email within two business days.

You may request your confirmed interview to be rescheduled to another date at least 20 business days before your confirmed date, except in the case of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. We consider these requests on a case-by-case basis. A non-refundable administration fee of $450 may apply.

There will be five scenarios based on the types of patient presentations you can expect to encounter in general practice in Australia. You’ll have three minutes reading time for each scenario and then ten minutes to answer a series of questions based on the patient presentation. You may be given additional information during the questioning.

For more information on the interview, please refer to the RACGP PESCI Handbook - Interview

We’ll send PESCI outcome reports to you by email within 15 business days of the scheduled interview date.

PESCI outcome reports are valid for 12 calendar months from the date of the report.


To obtain a new outcome report, you will need to pay for and submit a new application to conduct the PESCI again.

Please refer to the Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview Policy and Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview Handbook.

You can also email pesci@racgp.org.au or call the PESCI national number +61 3 8699 0554.

Applications for a PESCI are open.

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