Position descriptions

Please find below a position description for each of our current opportunities.  Position descriptions are in alphabetical order. 

Career opportunities

Position description

Administrator  PDF (211 kb)
Administrator - Continuing Professional Development   PDF (239 kb)
Clinical Lead - Eligibility and Selection  PDF (298 kb)
Data and Operations Support  PDF (216 kb)
Education Development Officer   PDF (211 kb)
Events Administrator - Full-time
Events Administrator - Part-time   
Journalist, newsGP   
GP Medical Educator (PEP)  PDF (211 kb)
Marketing Coordinator   PDF (211 kb)
Marketing Specialist  PDF (211 kb)
Project Officer   PDF (239 kb)
Quality Coordinator  PDF (217 kb)
Senior Administrator  PDF (211 kb)
Senior Project Officer - Practice and Technology Management
Senior Project Officer - Shaping a Healthy Australia
Senior Project Officer - Quality Care