AGPT registrar training handbook

Withdrawal and re-entry

Voluntary withdrawal

      1. Voluntary withdrawal

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Voluntary withdrawal 

There may be circumstances where you need to withdraw from the program. We strongly encourage you to discuss your intention with your program team before starting any formal withdrawal process, so that we can discuss alternative options and support you in your pursuit of Fellowship. This includes offering case management support throughout the process.

If you do believe that voluntary withdrawal is the best option given your circumstances, you must inform the regional team in writing of your intention to withdraw from the program. 

It’s also possible to withdraw from rural generalist training but stay with the training program by notifying the regional team in writing.

Voluntary withdrawals are not subject to the Dispute, Reconsideration and Appeals Policy because the decision to withdraw is yours alone. Therefore, make sure voluntary withdrawal is the most appropriate decision for your circumstances and consult with your program team before informing us of your intention to voluntarily withdraw.

Cooling off period

We recognise that withdrawing from the program is a significant decision to make and it’s possible you may change your mind.

If you withdraw after the commencement of training, your decision is subject to a 20-business day cooling off period. You’ll need to advise the regional team in writing by the end of the cooling off period if you wish to cancel your voluntary withdrawal. After the cooling off period, the withdrawal will be processed.

This cooling off period doesn’t apply to a voluntary withdrawal before the commencement of training. That means, if you withdraw before the training program begins and then change your mind, you’ll need to re-apply to join the AGPT in the following year.

You can waive the cooling off period if you wish to reapply for entry, in which case you’ll need to advise the regional team of this in writing.

Commencement of training is the day you begin the AGPT program.