AGPT registrar training handbook

Training placements

Assessment of placement

      1. Assessment of placement

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Assessment of placement

The exchange of feedback is an important part of education. Throughout each placement, we encourage you to engage in discussions with your supervisor and training site, sharing reflections on what is going well and what could be improved. Training sites are encouraged to be open to registrar feedback and to implement any potential improvements in the learning environment based on your insights.

During your training, you will be required to complete an assessment of placement by the end each training semester. This assessment is integrated into the TMS and prompts feedback on various aspects of your placement, including supervision, teaching, patient demographics, facilities etc.

At week 20 of each semester, you will be provided with a prompt from the TMS to complete an Assessment of Placement form.

  • For general practice placements, the form is integrated in the TMS.
  • For Extended Skills placements in a non general practice setting, ARST and Core EMT placements, there are separate PDF forms to be completed. Your Training Coordinator can assist you with accessing the correct form.

Medical educators thoroughly review all assessments of placement, addressing any concerns directly with you where necessary. Whilst we encourage you to discuss any concerns with your supervisor or the training site staff, we acknowledge that sometimes this might not be possible. To ensure this feedback is captured, the form includes a marked section you can use to raise in writing with your medical educator any specific concerns about the training site or supervisor. This section will not be visible to the supervisor or other training site staff.

Access to feedback is then granted to supervisors, except for the section where concerns may be raised. This will not be shared with the supervisor or practice site.

Your feedback will be utilised:

  • by your medical educator to determine if the training environment is appropriate to your needs.
  • by the training site and supervisor to continuously improve their learning environment.
  • by the RACGP as collated registrar feedback on placements for ongoing accreditation of training sites, and
  • by the RACGP as overall de-identified data to evaluate the training program.


The assessment of placement must be completed by the end of the semester. You will not be able to complete it after the end of the semester.

It's important to emphasise the assessment process is viewed as an opportunity for quality improvement rather than a punitive measure. The aim is to benefit registrars, supervisors, training sites, and the RACGP by fostering continuous improvement in the training experience. Providing honest feedback with as much detail as possible assists in achieving a positive outcome for everyone involved in training.

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