Climate Change and Health


Climate Change and Health


The RACGP is a strong advocate for action on climate change 

The RACGP recognises climate change as a key public health issue. And we know that GPs have an important role in identifying, reducing and managing the adverse health effects of climate change in our communities.

On behalf of our members and the community, the RACGP is an active advocate for action on climate change.  We have a clear Position Statement on the impact of climate change on human health and we regularly respond to public consultations and engage in key projects in this space.

To align with our environmental position and ensure an ethical and sustainable approach to investments, the RACGP has also developed an Environmental and Social Governance Investment policy.

And to minimise our footprint, we’ve committed to net zero emissions by 2040.

Have your say on climate change

We want to hear what GPs think about climate change and health, it’s impact on you and your patients. 

The survey will only take 10mins to complete and your say will be invaluable in helping to shape advocacy efforts and the resources needed to support you and your patients. 

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Member resources on climate change

RACGP Curriculum

Explore  occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) which encompasses the effects of the environment on health.

Climate change posters for your practice

Display these  print-ready posters in your practice waiting room  to inform patients about the effect climate change can have on their health.

How you can reduce your footprint

Our Environmental Sustainability in general practice resource helps you and your practice reduce your environmental impact while improving outcomes for patients and staff.

Articles on climate change

Keep up to date with key topics, trends and developments on climate change. Browse a range of articles in AJGP and newsGP.

Books and other resources

Browse the RACGP’s John Murtagh Library for a wealth of resources on climate change and health. Or complete the Check unit on Planetary Health

The RACGP’s work on climate change

Dr  Anita Muñoz, RACGP Victoria Chair, delivering a letter to the Victorian Parliament on climate change as part of the Healthy Futures campaign.

(c) Meehan/Healthy Futures

The RACGP is part of a large and growing network of health and medical organisations calling for action on climate change. We’ve provided support for:

Much of this work has been driven or supported by our  Climate and Environmental Medicine Specific Interest group. This group of more than 1200 members is a fervent advocate for action on climate change. It’s a place for interested GPs to connect, network, discuss key issues, gain education and plan actions including advocacy work. 

What can you do?