Candidate Journey

Interested in applying for a rewarding role at the RACGP and furthering your career? Here are a few helpful tips to set you up for success in the application process. 


We receive a large number of applications per job opening. We look at every application closely and work hard to get back to applicants within two to three weeks. Sometimes it can take a little longer but we try to get back to you as quickly as we can. To make your application stand out, include a cover letter addressing the key selection criteria in the position description. 

Interview selection  

We’re lucky enough to have a lot of talented people want to join our organisation. This means we can only follow up with applicants who closely match the specific requirements for each job. If you aren’t selected to progress in a specific role, it doesn’t mean you don’t have great skills and experience. It just means you don’t quite fit into the role as neatly as some of our other applicants. Either way you will receive a response from us letting you know the outcome.  


Typically, we’ll ask you to take part one or two on-site or video call interviews or assessments. 
The full interview and assessment cycle can run up to three to four weeks, but we’ll move it along as quickly as possible. If you’re not successful through the interview  stage, you can ask for feedback on your interview and the reason you were not successful. 

Pre-employment Checks 

Towards the end of the recruitment process, we ask applicants to complete pre-employment screening, including two reference checks and/or a National Police Check. We’ll get your consent prior to completing any pre-employment checks.  

Offer stage 

The exciting part! If you’re our successful candidate, we will contact you directly with the good news, details of the offer and next steps. Please note that offers of employment are subject to the outcome of all final pre-employment checks. 


After you accept a verbal offer from our People Support team, we’ll email you a contract of employment and position description. Once signed, you will start our onboarding process getting you on the path to becoming part of the RACGP team!  

An RACGP welcome  

When you start your career at the RACGP, we’ll take you through an induction process helping you through your early weeks. You’ll connect and build relationships with your new team, learn your job requirements, gain knowledge, meet our people and find out more about how the RACGP operates and its impact on the community. 

Within your first month you will attend our Passport Induction experience meeting ambassadors from departments across the organisation. They’ll give you an overview of each department and let you know how your role might interact with them. 

Get to know the RACGP 

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