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Annual report

RACGP Annual report  2020–21

The past 12 months have continued to present many challenges for general practice. The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and vaccine rollout have tested the nation’s GPs like never before. The RACGP has been there every step of the way, listening locally to member concerns and experiences, and calling for action at a national level.

Our 2020–21 Annual report is a showcase of how we’ve supported members to overcome obstacles, highlighted the expertise of GPs and continued to build the profile of the profession. The report sums up another extraordinary year for the RACGP, our GPs and their patients across Australia.

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RACGP Annual and Statutory reports

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RACGP annual report 2020-21

Annual report 2020-21

 Annual report 2020-21 (PDF 10MB)


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Annual report 2019-20

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