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RACGP Annual report  2018–19

It was a big year for general practice and the RACGP.
The Annual report 2018–19 provides an insight into  the progress the RACGP is making in support and  advocating for general practice across Australia.

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Past RACGP Annual and Statutory reports

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RACGP annual report 201-18

Annual report 2017-18

 Read the report (PDF 1.8 MB)


RACGP annual report 2018-19

Annual report 2016-17

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RACGP annual report 2015-16

Annual report 2015-16

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RACGP annual report 2014-15

Annual report 2014-15

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Annual report 2013-14

Annual report 2013-14

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Annual report 2012-13

Annual report 2012-13

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RACGP annual report 2011-12

Annual report 2011-12

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RACGP annual report 2010-11

Annual report 2010-11

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Racgp annual report 2009-2010

Annual report 2009-10

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