Resource and database trials

Springer Medicine ebooks Collection


The trial

We have trial access to a Springer Medicine ebooks Collection until the end of the 28th of September 2022 and we hope to have full ongoing access from the 29th of September onwards but in the meantime we want to give you access to this great collection of latest edition ebooks and would appreciate your feedback on the collection. We are particularly interested to hear your views on:

  • ease of use – did you find the SpringerLink ebook platform and search interface user-friendly and intuitive?
  • usefulness – would you find it useful to have access to this large collection of current edition medical ebooks to complement the general practice specific collection within the Murtagh collection and the individually purchased ebooks of the EBC collection?
  • frequency of use – would you expect to use the ebook collection weekly, frequently or occasionally?
  • any other comments?

Please send your feedback on the Springer Medical ebooks collection to: For technical issues please contact:

Access the Springer Medicine ebooks Collection

Hints and tips for access

The Springer Medicine ebook Collection trial will give you access to a huge volume of content across many subject areas including a large number of Open Access titles as well as the specific titles in the ebook collection which we’d like you to evaluate and to help you access this content here is some information to guide you:

  • The trial link takes you to down to the chapter level but to go to the whole ebook level you’ll need to select the “book” option from the left “Content type” navigation.
  • The default view includes “preview only” content which is not part of our access so you’ll need to tick the box to exclude this content from your results.
  • You can apply further filters such as discipline / sub discipline / language.
  • You can also narrow by start and end year, and sort display by newest or oldest first.
  • An advanced search option can be selected from the cog symbol to the right of the simple search box.

Future access

If we do subscribe to the Springer package, access to all included titles will be much easier as it will be facilitated in a number of ways including the inclusion of the ebook titles (and links) in the library’s online catalogue, an A-Z listing of the ebook titles, and subject arranged listings of ebooks – all with links taking users directly to specific titles.


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