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Supervisor professional development

Review your GP supervisor professional development requirements and learn about requirements for new supervisors.

Supervisor professional development

Review your GP supervisor professional development requirements and learn about requirements for new supervisors.

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Last updated 12 March 2024

Supervisor Professional Development


Supervisor professional development (SPD) is the term given to activities that develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to teach and supervise registrars. Being a GP supervisor is a specific interest for a GP just as women's health or palliative care can be a specific interest. This is why SPD hours are also accepted as contributing to a GP’s annual requirement of 50 hours of CPD.

The SPD expectations for existing accredited supervisors and for new supervisors in the AGPT program are summarised below with more detail available in Supervisor Professional Development Requirements and Payments (PDF).

Professional development requirements for existing accredited supervisors

In 2024 all general practice training sites with a registrar in any term other than extension awaiting fellowship will undertake supervisor professional development activities. To support this, RACGP will pay a practice supervisory stipend. The expected hours and matched stipend are:

Number of eligible registrars at the training site Minimum supervisor professional development hours per semester (total for all supervisors at the site) Supervisor professional development stipend payment to the training site
1 3 $500
2 6 $1000
3 9 $1500
4 or more 12 $2000

How each of the individual accredited supervisors within the training post contribute to the total number of hours is at the discretion of the practice but should reflect the learning needs of the supervisors. Over the course of the three-year accreditation cycle each of the accredited supervisors in the practice are required to participate in SPD. Activities accepted as SPD are determined in the regions and will be communicated to supervisors and practices via newsletters and email.

Supervisors in MMM3-7 locations will be able to apply for reimbursement of their travel expenses for attending face to face supervisor workshops.

The RACGP has identified training sites in priority areas of workforce need that have difficulty in obtaining a registrar. Supervisors in these training sites, called ‘incentivised placement practices’, are eligible for payment for attendance, travel and accommodation costs for RACGP approved SPD events even when their practice does not have a registrar. The list of incentivised placements are available at racgp.org.au/education/gp-training/gps-in-training/placement-incentives. Payment will be made to the practice after a supervisor from the practice attends a SPD event.

New Supervisors


New supervisors in both the FSP and AGPT programs are required to complete the Foundations of GP Supervision Program modules. These will be delivered by a combination of online learning, webinar, or workshop attendance. The first 7 modules are completed prior to being fully accredited. Module 8 is an optional module that will allow AGPT supervisors to further develop skills learnt in modules 1-7.

Upon receipt of an application to become a new supervisor, RACGP regional teams will organise enrolment in the Foundations program. As there are regional differences in how the Foundations Program is delivered, supervisors should not commence any of the modules on gplearning until they have been advised by their RACGP regional team to do so. 

AGPT supervisors are eligible for payment for their hours spent completing the Foundations Program.

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