AGPT registrar training handbook

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Induction to the AGPT program

      1. Induction to the AGPT program

Induction module

You’ll participate in an induction to the AGPT program, including an online induction module that you’ll be able to access once you’ve accepted your position on the program. This module will give you information about the training program.


Complete the induction module before you meet with your ME so that you can make the most of your time together by focusing on specific training advice for your circumstances.

Induction interview

You’ll have an induction session with your training coordinator and ME to discuss your individual training program. It’s a chance to get to know each other and talk about your background, experience and readiness to start in general practice training.

Together, you’ll develop a training plan to guide your training journey and discuss if recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE) might apply to you. You’ll cover topics such as:

  • the requirements of training
  • your training plans, any particular requirements you may have and any potential barriers to your training
  • your readiness for general practice terms
  • your eligibility for RPLE
  • your career aspirations
  • any questions you may have and any other information you need to know for your training.

Your program team and other local supports will arrange your induction interview at a mutually convenient time.