AGPT registrar training handbook

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RPLE for emergency medicine experience

        1. RPLE for emergency medicine experience

RPLE for emergency medicine experience

If you have diverse clinical experience in a range of emergency medicine settings, you may be eligible to apply for credit of more than 26 weeks provided the experience was gained in any of the four ACEM-classified emergency medicine subgroups, as per pre-2022 delineation - see Table 1.

You may apply for up to a maximum of 26 weeks (FTE) per subgroup.

Table 1. Changes to ACEM delineation

ACEM delineation pre-2022 ACEM delineation from 2022
Major referral Major referral (MR)
Urban district emergency department Non-major referral (non-MR)
Major regional/rural base emergency department Non-major referral (non-MR)
Specialist paediatrics emergency department Specialist children’s

If your experience in emergency medicine was gained in posts that were not accredited by ACEM (see ACEM’s Where can I do my training?), you may still be eligible for RPLE if the position provided appropriate clinical experience, supervision and teaching. Your training coordinator can help you determine the classification of a non-ACEM accredited post.