AGPT registrar training handbook

Training program requirements

Program time obligations

      1. Program time obligations

Program time obligations

The AGPT program is a three-year, full-time (or part-time equivalent) program. If you're doing rural generalist training, this increases to a four year full-time (or part-time equivalent) program. These are minimum program times, not including RPLE.

We recognise you may need to extend your training time or take additional leave from the program. This is provided for in your total training time cap. The time cap differs according to your training stream and whether you’re training full time or part time.

Full-time training

If you’re training full time, from the time you enrol you’re expected to achieve Fellowship within:

  • four years, if you’re training towards RACGP Fellowship
  • five years, if you’re training towards dual fellowship (RACGP Fellowship and ACRRM Fellowship)
  • six years, if:
    • you’re training towards Rural Generalist Fellowship, or
    • you’re seeking dual fellowship (RACGP Fellowship and ACRRM Fellowship with an advanced specialised training in surgery).

Full-time training means you spend 38 hours per week in training, which includes all practice time, and education and training program activities.

Part-time training

If you’re training part time, you need to achieve Fellowship within a timeframe that reflects your part-time status and according to RACGP requirements.

If you wish to apply to train part time, you can do this at any time by contacting your program team. You must work at least 14.5 hours per week, over at least two days. At least 10.5 hours must be face-to-face, rostered patient consultation time, undertaking general practice activities. We won’t consider work periods of less than three consecutive hours, or less than four calendar weeks in any one practice.

If you’re doing GPT1 or 2, we encourage you to undertake your education component on a full-time basis, regardless of your FTE in your practice. This way, you’ll develop a solid learning base that will allow you to work safely in general practice and get the most out of your future training terms.

However, we acknowledge this may not be possible for everyone, so speak with your program team if you’d like to reduce your education component while working part time. We’ll work with you to achieve the best training model for you.

What’s not included in the program time caps

Some types of leave are not included in the training caps:

  • Category 1 leave
  • Category 3 leave – Australian Defence Force (ADF) service leave.

For more information about leave, refer to Categories of leave.

Extending your program time

If you need to extend your program time, and you expect your overall program time will exceed the times listed above, you’ll need to seek approval. Discuss extensions of program time with your training coordinator.

For more information about extensions, refer to Extension for extenuating and unforeseen circumstances or For training and assessment purposes.