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A growing problem: diabetes and obesity

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia, with one new person diagnosed with the disease every five minutes. Around 1.7 million of us...

The best care for the least advantaged

Guidelines are an attempt to transfer what is learned through research into routine clinical practice, attempting to gather and frame the available evidence in ways…

Mental health and diabetes an e-mental health tool

Many Australians with diabetes experience depression and illness-related distress, often feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the condition. GPs and patients benefit from...

Mental health: no longer a lonely journey

Dr Michael Tam, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, highlights how GPs nurture conversations about mental health issues.
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Frontline Stories

GPs - the silent voice within the community

GPs are this silent voice: we are in the community, we are the eyes and the ears of the community when these things happen and yet we’re not linked in to what happens.

Blow Away The Smokes: Tobacco and indigenous health

While most of us hold the stereotype of a researcher as being a hard-nosed, data obsessed number cruncher, GP Associate Professor Gillian Gould has a different take.

A Good Fit: How one GP is changing the shape of Australia

Pushing a very heavy wheelbarrow up a very steep hill:. This is how GP Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss describes the difficulty facing an overweight or obese patient...

A Million Reasons Why: Tackling The Diabetes Epidemic

Ask anyone who has experienced living with diabetes. It’s a disease that can take a huge toll physically, emotionally and mentally...
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The number of people who visited their GP in a 12 month period

GPs are the first point of contact for most Australians, whether it is to address immediate health concerns, preventative health approaches or the management of chronic conditions...

The proportion of national health funding awarded for primary healthcare

General practice is the most commonly used health service in Australia, reaching millions every year. Yet only 2% of National Health and Medical Research Council grants were awarded for ...

The amount of additional funding raised for every dollar invested by the RACGP Foundation

The RACGP Foundation grants program has funded millions in general practice research, with the majority of research projects going on to be published in high impact peer review journals...
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