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AGPT registrar training handbook

Fellowship exams

Exam eligibility

      1. Exam eligibility

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Exam eligibility

You’re eligible to sit the Fellowship exams when we determine you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of education and training requirements for exam eligibility, as detailed in your training plan.
  • Satisfactory completion of two years (FTE) of program time including all of GPT1 and 2 by the date of the AKT.
    • Where the AKT or KFP is scheduled up to 31 calendar days prior to the training term end date, the RACGP will allow registrars from affected states or territories to sit the examination.
  • You have held Australian general medical registration throughout the training program.
  • You have been a financial member of the RACGP throughout the training program. You must maintain membership until you’re admitted to Fellowship or your candidacy is exhausted (refer to Candidacy for more information).
  • You have notified us of any changes to your medical registration during training, including a restriction, condition, limitation, reprimand, supervision requirement, tribunal outcome, suspension, undertaking and/or other remark or change.

Unsatisfactory progress and readiness to sit exams

If you’ve completed the program time requirements for exam eligibility but we consider that your education and training requirements haven’t been satisfactorily completed, we may deem you ineligible to sit the relevant RACGP examination. Your program team will discuss this with you and how you can work towards exam eligibility.

Sitting exams while on approved leave

If you’re on a period of leave approved under the Leave Policy, you’re not automatically eligible to sit Fellowship exams. An exemption may be granted following a discussion with your training coordinator to consider your personal circumstances. This is to ensure you are provided with the appropriate support to prepare for exams while on leave. If you are on a period of parental leave, you will be granted an automatic exemption to sit where supported by your medical educator.

Sitting exams while on remediation

If you’re on a remediation term, you’re not eligible to sit Fellowship exams. You can provisionally enrol in an exam scheduled after your remediation term is due to finish, however, your ability to sit the exam is subject to your remediation term being satisfactorily completed.

If you don’t satisfactorily complete your remediation term, we will withdraw you from any exams you have enrolled in for the following term.

For more information about withdrawal from a Fellowship exam, refer to the Assessments and examinations candidate handbook.

Becoming ineligible after enrolling in an exam

You must maintain your exam eligibility throughout your candidacy.

You may become ineligible if:

  • there is a change in your medical registration (addition of addenda, loss of registration or change to type of registration held)
  • you commence a remediation term
  • you reduce your training hours and don’t satisfactorily complete two years (FTE) of program time, including all of GPT1 and 2 by the date of the AKT
  • you are on an approved period of leave and don’t have an exemption to sit the Fellowship exam while on leave.

We conduct exam eligibility audits up to the day of the exam to ensure enrolled candidates are eligible to sit that exam. If at any stage after enrolling in an exam you become ineligible, you’re required to withdraw from that exam. Sitting any Fellowship exams while ineligible is a breach of the Academic Misconduct Policy and may lead to serious consequences, as per the policy.

For more information about withdrawal from a Fellowship exam, including withdrawal fees, refer to the Assessments and examinations candidate handbook.