AGPT registrar training handbook

Training program requirements

Performance and progression

        1. Performance and progression

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Performance and progression

The performance and progression of each registrar is discussed regularly by the supervisor, ME, training coordinator, external clinical teaching visitors and other program team members. These discussions serve several purposes:

  • planning for a registrar’s learning needs
  • tracking progression and development of competency
  • early identification of registrars who need additional support.

These discussions may include the registrar, particularly when there is assessment feedback to be given and to plan learning goals.

The RACGP’s Progression Review Committee (PRC) oversees the progression of all registrars. Its role is to provide support and/or advice on recommendations made by the local teams regarding educational support, remediation, and supervision requirements, as well as ongoing review.

What does this mean for me?

All registrar progress is overseen by the PRC for quality assurance purposes. If a local team or supervisor raises concerns about a registrar for any reason, they may seek advice from the PRC.

Advice or recommendations from the PRC will be shared with the registrar, generally through their local ME.

This process provides registrars with an excellent opportunity to develop a plan to address issues such as training or learning needs to make sure they are receiving the support needed to continue to progress through the AGPT program.