Welcome to general practice training

Explore Australian general practice training with the RACGP. 

Welcome to general practice training

Explore Australian general practice training with the RACGP. 

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Last updated 1 May 2024

Welcome to GP training with the RACGP

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) delivers the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program as one of Australia’s specialist medical colleges. Whether you’re a registrar, supervisor, practice manager, medical educator, or another crucial part of our GP training team, we’re here to help you every step of the way on your GP training journey. Learn more about GP training with the RACGP.

Explore GP

Discover the benefits of joining the GP profession, meet some inspirational faces from different pathways, and learn how to apply to the AGPT in the next intake.

GP training

Access key AGPT learning and reporting tools and find the resources and support you need to complete your general practice training with the RACGP.

GPs supervisors and practices

Train the next generation of Australian GPs with teaching and reporting tools and discover how to become an accredited training site or GP supervisor.

RACGP general practice training: We train GPs to deliver quality whole-person care throughout Australia.

Log into the Training Management System (TMS)

The training portal manages all information relating to the general practice training journey. Track training progress, access information regarding placements, accreditations, contracts, and workplace-based assessments, and find other tools to navigate general practice training. 

Discover teaching and learning resources

Access RACGP teaching and learning resources, including the RACGP curriculum and syllabus. These practical resources outline the key competency and learning outcomes of GP education. 

GP training blogs

GP registrars

Keep up to date with the latest information on GP training and find the information you need to navigate your path to Fellowship. 

GP supervisors

Support your registrars, access teaching resources, and stay up to date with GP supervision news. 

Practice managers and training sites

Access the information you need to successfully manage your GP practice or training site with regular GP training news updates. 

Other health stakeholders

No matter how you and your team support Australian GPs, our blog can help you find the information you need and stay up to day with GP training news.

Learn about our profession-led model.

Learn more about the transition and how the new general practice training program will affect you.  

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Training support

General Practitioner Training Support Line:
1800 472 247

GP training contacts
AGPT training departments contact list