AGPT registrar training handbook

Training program requirements

Core emergency medicine training

        1. Core emergency medicine training

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Core emergency medicine training

If you’re undertaking rural generalist training, you must complete six months (FTE) of core emergency medicine training (core EMT). If you’re on the rural stream, we recommend you complete core EMT as your extended skills training term. This training gives you the skills and confidence to manage emergency situations in rural and remote environments; it can be done any time after your hospital training.

Core EMT generally requires a minimum of six months (FTE) in an accredited emergency medicine facility. You’ll need to demonstrate satisfactory achievement of the core EMT curriculum outcomes.

You may choose to complete core EMT immediately after your hospital program time, which has the benefit of giving you an opportunity to contribute to the emergency roster in a rural hospital while training in a rural general practice.

Alternatively, you may choose to complete it after, or even concurrently with, your general practice training terms, allowing you to experience the context in which the emergency services are provided. 

You must complete a minimum of one accredited emergency skills and/or simulation training course within the 24 months before or during the emergency medicine training. Examples of accredited courses can be found in the core EMT curriculum.

You should work closely with your program team to develop the most appropriate training plan for your individual circumstances.

For more information about core emergency medicine training, refer to the RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Handbook.