Application tips

We understand that applying for a job can be a challenging task. To help you create that perfect application, here is an outline of what we look for at the RACGP. 


Cover Letter

The role of your cover letter is to demonstrate why you are the perfect person for the particular role you have applied for.  When drafting your letter, we would suggest that you:

  • Pick two or three skills or capabilities highlighted in the job advertisement, then offer examples of times you have demonstrated those traits.
  • Take the time to showcase your enthusiasm for the role and outline any traits you believe sets you apart from other candidates. 
  • Tell us about your interest in the RACGP and why you would like to work for us.  
  • Use direct and concise language, avoiding overly long sentences or fancy words. If possible, try to keep the length to one page.
  • Be consistent in formatting. Use the same professional font and style as you did in your resume.
  • Ensure that you read the job advertisement clearly and address any additional requirements which may be outlined there.


  • Use headings and subheadings. Ensure that the format is clear, simple and easy to read.
  • When drafting your employment history section, ensure each entry outlines your role title, company, and employment period in a very clear and easy to read format.
  • Outline your achievements for each role where feasible.
  • Keep it brief. For most roles we typically recommend 2-3 pages maximum. Give more space to detail about your current, most recent or relevant jobs and less about older unrelated roles.
  • Consider including a profile statement at the start of your resume. This should outline your core skill set/experience and perhaps what you are most passionate about.
  • Ensure your resume is tailored to the particular role that you are looking for.
  • Keep personal details to a minimum. Contact email and phone number is sufficient.
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Looking for new ideas? You can access a range of resume templates through Microsoft Word, simply navigate to File > New > Search ‘Resume’ in online templates.