Peer audits for quality and safety

We are seeking the details of GPs who are willing to conduct peer audits for quality and safety

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) receives requests from general practitioners (GPs) who ask to be put in touch with another GP who can undertake a peer audit. A peer audit may be required for any number of quality and safety reasons (eg in response to an adverse event). Commonly, these audits relate to health records, but can also be requested for the review of practice processes and policies.

We are seeking to collect the name and contact details of GPs who are willing to conduct third party audits for quality and safety.

If you are an RACGP member and are willing to conduct peer audits for another GP or practice, we invite you to submit your details using our online form, or by emailing We request your full name, RACGP number, postcode, contact phone number, email, and any comments (if necessary) regarding the types of audits you are willing to conduct.

The RACGP is not a statutory authority and is unable to intervene in, or review, individual compliance cases or audits. We are seeking to collect details for the express purpose of connecting GPs who are willing to conduct a peer audit with those requesting one. We will store information and pass on relevant details in response to genuine requests. Once contact details are passed on to the requesting GP or practice, it is their responsibility to follow up with the GP and formally request their assistance. We will only pass on the details of GPs to requesting GPs/practices where it is appropriate, based on the information provided in the request (eg the location of both parties).

Your details will be recorded securely by the Standards Business Unit and held for a maximum period of three years. If at any time you no longer wish to have your details stored and used for this purpose, you can notify us at

The collection of information to connect GPs with other GPs/practices requesting a peer audit conforms with the RACGP Privacy policy.