AGPT registrar training handbook

Fellowship exams

Withdrawing from an exam

      1. Withdrawing from an exam

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Withdrawing from an exam

We understand there may be times when you have enrolled in an exam and need to withdraw. 

If you notify us that you need to withdraw more than 20 business days prior to the scheduled exam time, we’ll refund your full fee minus a $100 withdrawal fee. However, if you let us know less than 20 business days in advance, we won’t be able to give you any refund of the exam fee (unless in extenuating and unforeseen circumstances). 

A withdrawal that is approved in writing by the RACGP is known as a sanctioned withdrawal. You may apply for a standard suspension of your candidacy for the exam semester in which the sanctioned withdrawal applies, providing you haven’t sat any other Fellowship exams in that semester. 

Any withdrawal from an exam that isn’t approved by the RACGP in writing is considered an unsanctioned withdrawal. If you enrol in an exam but fail to sit, this may be recorded as an unsanctioned withdrawal. In this case, you can’t suspend the exam semester using your standard suspension.  

If you were granted any extension of program time, you must obtain written approval from your Region's Director of Training if you wish to withdraw from a Fellowship exam. Withdrawal requests that do not include a written approval signed by your Region's Director of Training will not be processed.

For information about withdrawal from a Fellowship exam, refer to the Assessments and examinations candidate handbook