AGPT registrar training handbook

Training placements

Patient caseload

      1. Patient caseload

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Caseload during general practice training terms

So that you gain a breadth of experience throughout your general practice training terms, you’re expected to work in a range of general practice activities, including after-hours and off-site care if the training practice provides these services. It’s important that you see patients from a range of demographics (eg age, gender) and with varied presentations.

Your caseload will depend on factors such as your level of experience and skills, whether you are new to the practice, and the types of services available. Your caseload should be regularly monitored (by you, your supervisor, ME and the practice), and it may change as you progress through a term. Changes will only be made after discussion and with mutual agreement.  

In GPT1, the recommended number of patients per hour is two. In GPT 2 and 3, the number is four.

The actual number of patients you see per hour may vary depending on the presentations you’re seeing.

Caseload during an extended skills term

Your caseload during your extended skills term will be dependent on the area in which you’re extending your skills.

For instance, you may choose to work in an accredited women’s health facility, with a caseload that is solely female. However, you will still have a maximum number of patients you may see per hour. You and your training site will also need to monitor your caseload to ensure you gain appropriate experience within your discipline of choice