The AGPT program

The RACGP delivery model

The AGPT program

The RACGP delivery model

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Last updated 16 April 2024

Our profession-led approach prepares GPs to confidently meet community needs and respond to primary care workforce

Our profession-led model

Our model is designed to enhance the learning experience for registrars and GP supervisors, enabling them to meet the primary care needs of Australian communities. 
We deliver a sustainable pipeline of GPs and rural generalists using local teams — medical educators, supervisors and administrators — to deliver the program and support AGPT participants. 

RACGP Educational Framework

The RACGP Educational Framework outlines our approach to education and encompasses all the essential components of learning for Australian GPs. As a living document, it is regularly updated to reflect changing educational imperatives and environments. With its guiding principles and comprehensive structure, the framework provides an invaluable resource for learners and educators alike. Click to learn more about the RACGP Educational Framework.

Learn more 

RACGP profession-led community-based training

Read about how the new operating model to deliver the AGPT program was designed with the health of our GP workforce in mind. 

RACGP PLT education program discussion paper

Read about our college-led education program planning process including information on learning, teaching, training, and assessment.

RACGP Medical educators

GP medical educators are GPs with a specific interest and additional skills in educational development and delivery, particularly as it relates to general practice. 

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