AGPT registrar training handbook

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        1. Overview

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024


If you enter AGPT directly after your internship, the program will typically comprise one year (FTE) of clinical hospital experience as part of your hospital training term, followed by two years (FTE) of core vocational training. The two years of core vocational training include three general practice terms (GPT1, 2 and 3) and one extended skills training term, with each term lasting 26 weeks (FTE). 

The RACGP will check that you have achieved an adequate level of competency before you are allowed to start in core vocational training. To do so, we will seek evidence that you have successfully completed the following requirements:

  • Four mandatory hospital rotations in the five years before starting GPT1, 
  • 52 weeks (FTE) of clinical hospital experience at a level above intern in the ten years before starting GPT1, and
  • A basic life support (BLS) course in the 12 months prior to starting GPT1. 


Clinical hospital experience gained as a locum will not be considered when assessing your readiness for core vocational training.

Let’s look at each requirement in more detail.