How technology can help you look after your health

Patient information templates

The RACGP has developed a patient information templates for you to use to provide patients with information on digital health tools utilised in your practice to encourage improved digital health literacy and uptake amongst patients. The templates outline tools that are available to the patient, why they might be useful and where they can find more information – and encourage them to talk to their GP, nurse or the reception team about these.

The templates are available in two layouts:

  • Trifold brochure – which can be printed and provided to patients in hard copy
  • Factsheet – which can be converted to PDF and linked from your website.

The templates include information on:

  • online appointment bookings
  • telehealth
  • health apps
  • electronic prescriptions
  • My Health Record
  • electronic pathology and diagnostic imaging requests
  • accessing online proof of CCOVID-19 vaccinations.

You can edit the templates with your practice’s information and add or remove tools that you do or don’t use.