Post COVID-19 Resources


RACGP resources

For Clinicians Caring for patients with post COVID-19 conditions
Department of Health Victoria Updates & COVID-19
RACGP submission - Inquiry into Long-COVID and repeated COVID infections
On-demand webinar: COVID-19 treatment in the Community: Long COVID
For Patients Patient resource: Managing post COVID-19 symptoms

Department of Health, Victoria

Understanding long-term symptoms and effects of COVID-19

Long COVID Conference Communique

September 2023

Australian Journal of General Practice (AJGP)

Post–COVID-19 syndrome/condition or long COVID: Persistent illness after acute SARS CoV-2 infection

News GP

Long COVID plagued by ‘confusion and undereducation’  
How is POTS related to long COVID?  
Q&A: One GP’s lived experience with long COVID – Part 1  
Q&A: One GP’s lived experience with long COVID – Part 2  

Austin Hospital Post-Acute COVID-19 (Long COVID) Modules


North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN)

Long COVID  
Health Pathways Melbourne Long COVID [Requires login - request access]  
Diagnosis and management of Long COVID-19: a multidisciplinary approach [Webinar 29/6/2022]  
Identify and manage patients with Long COVID  

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce 

Care after COVID-19 guidelines    
Care of people after COVID-19 Clinical flowchart [PDF]   

Long COVID Physio 

Long COVID Physio


The Long COVID Physio International Forum


Post COVID Care Centres (PCCC)

Survivor Corps

Australian Government 

CDNA Series of National Guidelines (for Public Health Units)  
ATAGI clinical guidance for COVID-19 vaccine providers   

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Post COVID-19 Condition   

Patient resources

Health Issues Centre  Long COVID support 
Centre for culture, ethnicity, and Health  Long COVID – Community Campaigns