Patient feedback guide

Develop your own patient feedback methods and templates

Standards for general practice - Patient feedback guide
The Patient feedback guide explains what to do and the options that are available to practices in order to meet the patient feedback Indicators in the Standards.

Patient feedback can be used to improve the quality of healthcare provided by your practice, improve other aspects of your practice (administrative and reception services), provide constructive feedback to your staff and demonstrates that you value your patients’ views and needs.

Collecting and responding to feedback means your patients are more likely to have positive experiences at your practice, which in turn leads to positive outcomes for patients.

You generally need to collect feedback from a representative sample of your entire patient population in order to draw the most accurate conclusions about your patients’ experiences and needs. This means you must collect feedback from patients of different ages, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, gender, visiting frequency, and education levels.

The Patient feedback guide was developed in response to RACGP members requesting information relating to the topic and is provided subject to the RACGP’s disclaimer.


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Standards for general practices 5th edition patient feedback guide (PDF 2 MB)

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