AGPT registrar training handbook

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How do I apply for RPLE?

        1. How do I apply for RPLE?

How do I apply for RPLE?

You must submit your complete RPLE application during your first core vocational training term – usually GPT1. Make sure you allow enough time to gather all the documents you need, have your program team review your application, receive feedback and make any necessary changes.

With this in mind, we strongly recommend you submit your application to your program team within the first 17 weeks of starting your term. If you don’t submit your application in this timeframe, you risk forfeiting the expertise and guidance available for this process.

Your application will be assessed in stages and feedback provided throughout. An initial review is conducted by your program team. A lead ME will then review the application. Finally, your application will be assessed by a censor.

Once your application is submitted to the relevant censor it is considered final and you won’t be able to make any changes, so be sure to address all feedback from those involved in your RPLE application.

If you are applying for RPLE as part of rural generalist training, your application will also be reviewed for approval by the RACGP Rural Censor.


If you join rural reneralist training after you commence the AGPT program, we encourage you to submit your additional RPLE application as soon as possible so that we can assess your application and help you plan your outstanding training requirements.