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When and how do I apply for RPLE?

        1. When and how do I apply for RPLE?

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

When and how do I apply for RPLE?

You must submit your RPLE application during GPT1. Your training coordinator will provide an RPLE application kit for you to complete as part of your onboarding.

Once submitted, your application will be assessed for approval by the State/Territory censor. If you are applying for RPLE as part of rural generalist training, your application will also be reviewed by the rural censor.

Applying for RPLE can be complex and lengthy, so we recommend you start the process as early as possible. You will receive helpful guidance from the RACGP along the way.

  1. Firstly, we’ll help you identify whether you are eligible for RPLE: during your induction into the program, you will be asked to provide evidence of prior hospital experience. Your medical educator or training coordinator will then schedule an Induction Training Advice meeting with you during which they’ll review your evidence and determine if you are eligible for RPLE.

  2. If you are eligible for RPLE, we will let you know which supplementary information and evidence you need to provide in your RPLE application. Go to What do I need to include in my application for more information.

  3. As you complete your application, it will be reviewed twice: by the training team first, and then by a lead medical educator. You will receive feedback during these reviews and will be able to make changes to your application if necessary. We strongly recommend that you submit your application to your program team within the first 17 weeks of starting GPT1 so you have enough time to act on any feedback received.

  4. Once your application is complete, it will be formally submitted to the State/Territory censor for approval and you will not be able to change it after that point.