AGPT registrar training handbook

Training program requirements

Training terms

        1. Training terms

Last revised: 16 Feb 2024

Education and training

Training terms

The AGPT program is comprised of hospital training, general practice placements (GPT1, 2 and 3) and extended skills or additional rural skills training (Table 1). You’ll experience working in a variety of settings, including hospitals, general practice and other accredited facilities. All registrars must complete 52 weeks (FTE) of training in a hospital.

Core vocational training consists of the mandatory components of the AGPT program that all registrars, regardless of the Fellowship they are working towards, must complete. It includes three terms of general practice placements and an extended skills training term (an opportunity to further develop skills in a particular area).

Additional training options include additional rural skills training (ARST) and core emergency medicine training (both for registrars undertaking rural generalist training) and approved academic posts (within a university).

Table 1. Compulsory training terms and time requirements

  Training term FTE weeks
Hospital training Hospital term 52 weeks
Core vocational training

GPT1 26 weeks
GPT2 26 weeks
GPT3 26 weeks
Extended skills training 26 weeks
Rural generalist training
(if applicable)
Additional rural skills training 52 weeks
Core emergency medicine training* 26 weeks
* Rural generalist registrars may undertake core emergency medicine training as their extended skills training term.

To successfully complete each training term, you must:

  1. satisfactorily complete the required number of weeks of FTE training (specified in Table 1). This time cannot be reduced to accelerate training (except in the case of RPLE being granted).
  2. satisfactorily meet all education and training requirements
  3. be assessed as successfully completing the training term.

If you don’t successfully complete a training term, you may need to apply for an extension for assessment purposes. Refer to For training and assessment purposes for more information about extension of training.