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Refugee and asylum seeker health

Dr Stoupas and Dr Singleton discuss refugee and Asylum Seeker Health, a specialised area for Gill. They are joined by GP, Dr Kate Walker, Chair of the RACGP Refugee Health Specific Interests network, and one of the authors of the Australian refugee health desktop guide.
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Episode 5

GPs and aged care

Billy, Gill and Dr. Paresh Dawda discuss GPs and Aged Care, a specialised area for Billy, sharing insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Royal Commission and how choosing to practice in Aged Care can make a difference to this vulnerable community. 

Episode 4

Telehealth COVID-19

Billy and Gill are joined by digital health pioneer, Dr Amandeep Hansra to discuss Telehealth through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 3

Disaster recovery

Billy and Gill speak with Dr Michael Clements who shares his experiences of the 2019 Townsville floods and the lessons he learned that could be applied to future disasters.  

Episode 2

COVID-19: Business resilience

Dr Todd Cameron joins our hosts to discuss the business challenges of COVID-19. We are also joined by Stephen Halmarick, Chief Economist at CommBank.
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