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Join the conversation as Dr Gill Singleton and Dr Billy Stoupas discuss current and emerging challenges in general practice by subscribing to our new podcast, sponsored by CommBank.

Changes to Fellowship exams

This time, Dr Stoupas and Dr Singleton get the inside track on the recent changes to the Fellowship exams. They are joined by Dr Tess van Duuren, Acting RACGP Censor-in-Chief, and Dr Krystyna de Lange, Chair of the RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training. Both played a key role in the development of the new exams and supported the process which was led by GP and General Manager of Education, Dr Genevieve Yates.
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Episode 14

Returning to work

This time, Dr Stoupas and Dr Singleton get the story on remediation and returning to work following extended leave. They are joined by Dr George Zahrias, Senior Medical Advisor for Education Progression at the RACGP. He is a specialist in the field of remediation and recently led the creation of a suite of documents, A guide to performance management and support for general practitioners, which provides guidance for performance management concerns at any point of a GP’s career.

Episode 13

Borderline personality disorder

This time, Dr Stoupas and Dr Singleton unpack some of the issues surrounding the diagnosis, treatment and stigma of borderline personality disorder. They are joined by Dr Sathya Rao, the Executive Clinical Director at Spectrum Personality Disorder Service, and Dr Louise Stone, a leading GP and medical educator with clinical, teaching, research and policy interests in mental health.

Episode 12

RACGP President Elections

Recorded before the recent passing of Dr Harry Nespolon, Dr Stoupas and Dr Singleton sought insights on the upcoming RACGP President elections straight from the source. Dr Nespolon, the then President, and Ms Christine Nixon, Chair of the RACGP Board, expand on their experience and insights with a view to enticing members to get involved in the college and of course, to vote in the upcoming ballot.

Episode 11

Management of type 2 diabetes

This episode, Dr Singleton and Dr Stoupas chat to Dr Gary Deed, Chair of the RACGP Specific Interests Diabetes network and clinical editor of the RACGP and Diabetes Australia’s 2020 edition of the Diabetes Handbook.
He’ll share his insights and GP’s perspective on how to navigate the complexities of diagnosis, treatment, and even more importantly, how we can work on prevention of this chronic condition.
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