2022-2025 Operating Plan

2022-2025 Operating Plan

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Last updated 18 May 2023

The RACGP has launched its strategy for the next three years (2022-2025) which provides direction for the college and primary health care in Australia.

It was developed through more than 12 months of collaboration with members and staff. It responds to the external challenges facing the healthcare system and general practice. It considers the expectations of our funders, from members and government to philanthropics. And it directs our energy towards delivering what our members expect of us, so they can deliver for people in Australia.

Our purpose – the reason we exist

Ensure a strong General Practice profession that keeps Australia healthy

Our goal – what we want to achieve
Australia’s health outcomes improve because every person in Australia, regardless of their postcode or their vulnerabilities, can – and does – regularly see a GP



Career attractiveness


More doctors see GP specialisation as their first choice of medical career


Optimal coverage


All communities in Australia have access to well‑trained, competent GPs who deliver high-quality, evidence‑based care


Whole‑person care


People in Australia regularly visit a GP as an essential part of maintaining and improving their health and wellbeing


Supportive regulatory settings

The value that the community places on GPs is reflected in policy settings and funding arrangements to support quality and sustainable patient services


Connection and lifelong learning

GPs choose to be members of the RACGP in order to be part of a supportive community of practice in which they can gain and share knowledge, resources and experiences throughout their career

Great employer
People want to work at the RACGP because we do meaningful, challenging work that is rewarded and supported by an extraordinary culture

Financial stewardship
We use members’, public, and other funds responsibly and sustainably

Read a summary of the operating plan

 RACGP 2022-2025 Operating Plan Summary (PDF 427 KB)