Provider handbook

The CPD Representative

    1. The CPD Representative

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

The CPD Representative

Roles and responsibilities

The CPD Representative is nominated by the provider. The CPD Representative must complete RACGP training to enable them to undertake the relevant RACGP administrative requirements and be responsible for the development, promotion, delivery and evaluation of CPD activities. The CPD Representative may or may not be responsible for the development and design of CPD activities, depending on their level of educational expertise.

CPD Representatives maintain a close relationship with the RACGP through regular contact with the CPD Program Coordinator from their assigned state office.

Refer to Appendix 2 for further information regarding key roles and responsibilities for developing CPD activities.

CPD Representative training

The aim of CPD Representative training is to ensure the development of high-quality CPD activities that meet the standards of the CPD Program, and that the associated RACGP administrative requirements are met (Figure 3). CPD Representative training does not equip the participant with educational knowledge and expertise to develop and design activities that are to be submitted for approval.

Figure 3. CPD Representative training steps