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Appendix 1: RACGP CPD Standards

Guidance to CPD Activity Standard 2

        1. Guidance to CPD Activity Standard 2

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

Guidance to CPD Activity Standard 2

CPD activity learning outcomes are informed by the needs assessment.

Why is this important 

Learning outcomes articulate what the GP will know or be able to do at the end of a CPD activity. The learning outcomes should be derived from the needs assessment and inform the activity design. 


Effective learning outcomes are:

  • clear and easy to understand
  • measurable, so that achievement of outcomes can be assessed. They therefore need to use measurable or demonstrable terms such as ‘describe’, ‘outline’, identify’, ‘evaluate’, ‘develop’, ‘diagnose’, ‘assess’. Avoid using vague words such as ‘understand’, ‘know’, ‘comprehend’, ‘learn’, ‘realise’, which cannot be measured. For further guidance, Bloom’s Taxonomy can also be used
  • relevant – this is achieved by referencing the needs assessment and learning outcomes informed by the context of general practice
  • feasible – the learning outcomes for an activity need to be achievable in the time allocated for that activity. Where an activity is practical (for example, skills training), time for participant practice should be allocated to allow achievement of the outcome.