Provider handbook

Appendix 6: Sponsorship and activity guidelines for RACGP CPD approved activities

Sponsor promotion

      1. Sponsor promotion

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

Sponsor promotion 

In connection with an activity, sponsors may deliver presentations concerning a therapeutic good.

  • Such presentations must be an addendum and clearly separated from the CPD approved activity being delivered.
  • Such presentations must be delivered before the CPD approved activity commences, during designated breaks or immediately after the activity finishes.
  • Such presentations must be announced or introduced in such a way to ensure attendees are aware the sponsor’s presentation is not part of the activity and it is not compulsory to attend.
  • Such presentations must not be counted when determining the duration of a CPD approved activity and calculating the number of allocated CPD hours.
  • Such presentations must only show sponsor logos and branding on either the first or last presentation slide.
  • Presentations may be accompanied by trade displays, either preceding or following an activity, or during meal or break times.
  • For face-to-face events, sponsors must not be in the room during the activity delivery, and must not be a virtual presence for online or virtual events such as webinars.
  • Displays must not be integrated within the activity space and must be kept separate in all aspects, including by not incorporating trade materials into any activity’s take-away content.

Sponsor logos may be included on the bottom of certificates of completion as long as the role of the sponsor is identified. The certificate must clearly display the provider details with all required CPD information.