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Provider handbook

Appendix 1: RACGP CPD Standards

Guidance to CPD Provider Standard 3

        1. Guidance to CPD Provider Standard 3

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

Guidance to CPD Provider Standard 3

There is collaboration between the RACGP and the CPD provider to ensure quality CPD activities.

Why this is important

The Australian Medical Council may require CPD homes to assess and recognise external CPD activities, and the RACGP accreditation process ensures that this occurs. The RACGP acknowledges the important role CPD providers have in providing quality CPD activities. The role of the RACGP is to ensure activities are of high quality and to assist providers to meet the RACGP CPD Activity Standards by providing support, guidance and resources.


The RACGP accreditation processes and CPD Provider Standards assist providers in developing quality education. Training for CPD Representative/s is provided by the CPD program coordinators based on the CPD Activity Standards. Resources such as the CPD Provider handbook, activity guides, templates and exemplars are also available. Accreditation allows the provider to use the relevant RACGP CPD logo and promote CPD activities to RACGP members through the CPD platform.

The RACGP has a quality assurance process that ensures CPD activities meet the CPD Activity Standards. All providers must participate at least once in a triennium in the quality assurance process. An up-to-date attendance upload and activity reporting from providers is essential to ensure current data are available for quality assurance purposes.