Provider handbook

Appendix 6: Sponsorship and activity guidelines for RACGP CPD approved activities


      1. Sponsors

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023


An ethical relationship with sponsoring organisations concerning the delivery of education to healthcare professionals is essential. CPD activities accredited by the RACGP CPD Program must have as their primary purpose improving the quality of patient care. 

Interactions between providers and sponsors, especially those dealing with therapeutic goods, are only appropriate if they do not affect, breach, distort or influence the GP–patient relationship. This guide aims to ensure the educational material covered within each CPD activity meets acceptable clinical and ethical standards. It applies to all sponsored RACGP CPD approved activities.

‘Sponsorship’ in the CPD Program’s context includes any benefit transfer for an event in return for various rights to the sponsoring party. Sponsorship may involve financial, ‘in-kind’ or other support (such as free advertising, event promotion or hosting services). Sponsorship benefits may be received directly or indirectly. Their receipt may be the dominant reason for the sponsor’s involvement, or merely an ancillary purpose. 

‘Advertising’ in the CPD Program’s context is any image or statement, or series of such (including as part of a campaign), intended to promote the use or supply of particular goods or services. 

All providers must comply, and ensure their CPD Representatives and sponsors comply, with this guide. The RACGP may decline (or withdraw, as appropriate) an activity if the provider fails to meet the requirements stipulated in this guide.