Provider handbook

Appendix 2: Key roles and responsibilities for developing CPD activities

Roles and responsibilities

      1. Roles and responsibilities

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

Roles and responsibilities

The responsibilities listed below describe the activities the RACGP would expect the CPD Provider and CPD Representative to undertake when planning and designing activities for the CPD Program.

Provider obligations

Providers must:

  • ensure they have read, understood and at all times comply with the CPD Provider Standards and all provisions in the Provider handbook, and have completed, and will comply with, the Provider Eligibility Criteria
  • appoint at all times a suitably qualified, skilled and experienced individual to act as the CPD Representative to develop and manage CPD approved activities
  • ensure the person nominated as the CPD Representative attends CPD Representative training
  • monitor the operations of its CPD Representative
  • remain responsible for the delivery of the CPD approved activity
  • support and assist the RACGP with the processes set out for CPD quality assurance assessment and compliance.

CPD Representative obligations

CPD Representatives must:

  • ensure they have read, understood and at all times comply with all provisions in the Provider handbook
  • ensure all CPD activities are designed, developed, delivered and evaluated against the CPD Activity Standards
  • submit an initial CPD activity application for relevant activity type/s for adjudication as outlined in the Provider handbook
  • ensure an application for a CPD activity has been approved by a specialist GP before submitting to the RACGP
  • ensure all CPD approved activities are compliant with sponsorship guidelines
  • ensure all activity participants have access to the GP feedback form, available in the Provider handbook
  • ensure that the appropriate CPD statement of attendance or completion is issued to participants
  • complete in a timely fashion all aspects of the activity report
  • retain responsibility for all administrative activities (including updating and amending activities) in relation to each CPD approved activity
  • liaise with the RACGP Program Coordinator to assist in the provider’s compliance with this CPD Provider Agreement (including during quality assurance assessments and all other compliance matters)
  • do all things reasonably necessary to facilitate the parties’ compliance with this CPD Provider Agreement, including completing all applications, submissions, forms and notices in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner
  • maintain accurate and complete documentation for all CPD approved activities in a manner that allows ready access and timely submission to the RACGP as and when requested
  • conduct a post-delivery evaluation (activity report) of each CPD approved activity
  • conform with all other requirements described in the Provider handbook.