Provider handbook

Appendix 2: Key roles and responsibilities for developing CPD activities

RACGP staff

      1. RACGP staff

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

RACGP staff

The CPD Program Coordinator 

Providers are an integral part of the CPD Program and the RACGP recognises the challenges they face developing and delivering high-quality education to GPs. An RACGP CPD Program Coordinator acts as a dedicated relationship manager to provide education advice, support and information about additional RACGP resources and services. The role of the CPD Program Coordinator is to support, assist, advise, guide and encourage the provider. The CPD Program Coordinator is also responsible for adjudication of activities to ensure they comply with CPD Activity Standards. 

The CPD Program Administrator 

The CPD Program Administrator assists the CPD Program Coordinator and is available to provide advice and support on operational issues to help providers and GPs meet their CPD Program needs.