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Appendix 7: Evaluation template

    1. Appendix 7: Evaluation template

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

Appendix 7: Evaluation template

All activities must be evaluated and the information used to improve the activity for future implementation.

The evaluation method should be developed in conjunction with planning the activity. The evaluation may require evaluating several perspectives (for example, learner, facilitator, expert panel). Having a range of perspectives is important when reviewing the overall activity and will be useful in making any changes.

Providers are encouraged to reflect on their activity and how successful the design and delivery was in helping learners achieve learning outcomes. 

Data from the evaluation of a Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) approved activity must be summarised and reviewed, with recommendations for change if the activity is to be reimplemented.  

2023-25 CPD Program Evaluation form template – lists the four mandatory questions that providers need to ask

[Title of Activity] 

(Activity No. XXXXX, allocated xx CPD hours in the RACGP 2023-25 CPD program)
[include venue details and activity date]

Name:                                                         RACGP No.: 
(participant responses are optional and/or anonymous)

Mandatory Q1: Please rate to what degree the learning outcomes of the program were met:

At the end of this CPD activity,
GP participants will be able to:
(Please list all your learning outcomes below,
add more rows as required)
Not met Partially met Entirely met
Learning Outcome 1      
Learning Outcome 2      
Learning Outcome 3      
Learning Outcome 4      
Learning Outcome 5      

Mandatory Q2: Please rate to what degree this CPD activity met your expectation about:

  Not met Partially met Entirely met
Current, contemporary, evidence-based, and relevant to general practice
Engaging/interactive, eg with opportunity for questions and feedback
For live: Presenters/Facilitators
Engaging, qualified/skilled and knowledgeable 
For eLearning: Learning Management System is user friendly and easily navigated to achieve Learning Outcomes.

Mandatory Q3: Would you likely recommend this CPD activity to a colleague? 
 Yes                        No                         Why
Mandatory Q4: Would you likely change anything in your practice as a result of this CPD activity?
 Yes                        No                         Why

***CPD Representatives may include other questions within this form***