Provider handbook


    1. Glossary

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023





Application A form submitted by the provider for approval of a CPD activity.
Conflict of interest Any situation where the provider’s personnel who are participating directly in the CPD activities may benefit or be disadvantaged by the making of a decision. The benefit or disadvantage may be pecuniary or non-pecuniary, direct or indirect, and may be actual, potential or perceived.
CPD Continuing professional development.
CPD Activity Standards Standards and criteria that the provider must meet for the design and development of CPD approved activities.
CPD Approved Activity An activity submitted by the provider that meets the RACGP CPD Activity Standards.
CPD Program The continuing professional development program offered by the RACGP to GPs and other medical specialists.
CPD Provider Standards Standards and criteria that stipulate the requirements for providers involved in the provision of CPD activities for GPs.
CPD Representative (formerly Education Activity Representative
or EAR)
A nominated representative of the provider who manages the administrative and operational requirements of CPD approved activities, and may also develop and design activities.
CPD Representative Number The identification number issued by the RACGP to the provider’s nominated CPD Representative.
CPD Services Services delivered to a provider when the RACGP reviews its activity application against the CPD Activity Standards to determine whether the activity is approved.
Dashboard The RACGP’s digital environment providers will use to facilitate and manage activities and administrative requirements for provision of CPD activities
Fees The prescribed fees, including but not limited to, the annual fee, charged by the RACGP.
GP A general practitioner in Australia.
Logo Any image developed by the RACGP for identifying and publicising CPD approved activities.
Program Coordinator A dedicated relationship manager, nominated by the RACGP, who provides advice, support and information about RACGP CPD resources and services.
Provider An organisation that meets both the CPD Provider and CPD Activity Standards and has a current CPD Provider Agreement with the RACGP for the provision of CPD approved activities for GPs.
Provider Eligibility Criteria A self-assessment document providers must use to assess their eligibility as an RACGP CPD Provider.
Provider handbook This document.
Quality assurance assessment (QAA) The RACGP’s review of the provider’s activities to maintain quality and performance standards for CPD activities.
Sponsorship Guidelines The guidelines described in this Provider handbook.
Strapline Prescribed text required by the RACGP for publicising CPD approved activities.
Third-party material Any material in which a third party owns the intellectual property rights.