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CPD activities linked to government initiatives or funding

    1. CPD activities linked to government initiatives or funding

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

CPD activities linked to government initiatives or funding

General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration

The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) is a multidisciplinary body managed by the RACGP. It is funded by the Australian Government under the Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) (Better Access) initiative.

The GPMHSC is responsible for setting the standards for, and accrediting, general practice mental health training and education. The provider should consider GPMHSC accreditation if activities are related to mental health and general practice.

The GPMHSC accredits the following activities:

  • Mental Health Skills Training
  • Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training
  • Mental Health CPD
  • Focussed Psychological Strategies CPD

All relevant CPD activities must have RACGP approval prior to submission to the GPMHSC.

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Rural Procedural Grants Program

The Rural Procedural Grants Program provides financial assistance to rural procedural and emergency medicine GPs who provide hospital-based services in rural and remote areas. The program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Support is provided in the form of grant payments to assist GPs with the cost of attending training, including course costs, locum relief and travel expenses calculated on the number of training days.

The program is available to rural GPs who have qualifications in anaesthetics, obstetrics, surgery or emergency medicine.

If training meets criteria for the grant, providers may advertise this on marketing material and have their training listed on the RACGP website as grant approved. Guidelines for the Rural Procedural Grants Program are regularly up for review and future changes to eligibility by the Department of Health are always possible.

Note that Rural Procedural Grants Program criteria differ from CPD Program criteria.

At the end of the triennium, each activity must be resubmitted for approval. Activities are not automatically approved for the coming triennium.

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