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Provider handbook

Appendix 1: RACGP CPD Standards


        1. Overview

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023


The RACGP has an approach to education for GPs at all stages of the learning continuum; this is described by the RACGP Educational Framework. This framework expresses the values, priorities, CPD philosophy and scope of education to which the RACGP is committed.

The principles of RACGP education are as follows.

  1. Prioritises holistic, person-centred healthcare.
  2. Addresses the health needs of all people living in Australia in an equitable way.
  3. Is founded on ethical and socially responsible practice.
  4. Promotes innovation in healthcare and general practice.
  5. Is founded on evidence-based best practice and strives to be a leader in medical education.
  6. Values the skills of GP supervisors, educators and researchers.
  7. Promotes professional and personal development and self-care throughout a GP’s career.
  8. Enables GPs to meet the unique needs of those living in rural and remote regions.
  9. Equips GPs to provide healthcare that meets the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  10. Meets the requirements of regulatory bodies.

These principles are important considerations and are a basis for the development of the CPD Activity Standards.